Forever in Our Hearts

Hightails Hideaway offers loving tribute to the dogs who have left our sides but never our hearts…


For KERI – you were born 5-9-98, you came into our home and our hearts 9-2-99, and you left this earth on 7-21-11. I want you to know that your family misses you so, and oh how you touched the hearts of everyone you met. You will never be forgotten.

Keri, proud and beautiful

I was blessed you chose me to be your companion for more than 12 years, and I thank you for all the love and joy you brought into my life. I am grateful for all the lessons I learned at your side, and for your teaching me the special language of dogs. Certainly life with never be the same without you, but it will be a better life because I had you. I wish you could have stayed longer, but forever wouldn’t have been long enough.

I will miss you with all my heart and soul and I will always try to make you proud that I was your friend and partner in the dance we shared so beautifully.

Goodbye my sweet girl.

Love and Keri Kisses,

Forever yours, Julie



Tucker’s Page
4/8/2000 – 1/26/2010
Weight: 92, 
Breed: Golden Retriever, 
Age when diagnosed: 9
• Osteosarcoma in the Front limb

Along with all other beloved dogs, Tucker was one of the best dogs that ever graced this Earth. He had a bigger heart and happier soul than his body could hold, and he never hesitated to show love, big give-it-all-you’ve got love! He made any person or dog he met more happy, comforted, playful, content, and adored – if they knew him for a day or a lifetime. Most of all, even through almost a lifetime of surgeries and orthopedic road blocks, he showered his enter family with unfailing strength and love, every minute of every day. Regardless of what his body was going through, he always had a gleeful, whining, wiggling greeting with a towel in his mouth when we came through the door. He would roll around and play and smile at the smallest opportunity. He would lie on the floor and cuddle with his silky fur for any of us who needed him. Then, in two weeks, a sudden limp in his front paw led to an xray with a strange spot to a biopsy to a break to a gut-wrentching euthanasia at home. He wasn’t even 10 years old yet. Tucker was our Soft Angel and we will never stop missing him. We will remember him every day, honor his life, and always try to live the way he would want us to, with courage and an open heart. Kiss and hug your dogs and family and enjoy every precious second you have together, because that’s what life is about! That’s what Tucker stood for. Love Always, The Casino Family



Breckie’s Page
10/18/1997 – 5/14/2009

Breckenridge, Colorado was Sage and Tucker’s big brother and our family’s rock. He raised Kyle and Matthew, adored Jack and Leigh, and counted the days each week when his grandparents would come over on the weekends! Breck lived for his family, lovingly called “Shadow” and taking care of us wherever we went, even if it was from one room to another. Breck was the king at spooning, looking straight into his admirer’s eyes and sighing as they petted him, always sitting directly in front of each person present so they could have their turn. Breckie taught all of us how to play in the back yard, taking joy in anything and making it into a game. In his senior years, he graced us all with his dignity and never-ending love, continuing to play gently with Sage and Tucker and go for our nightly walks together. Breck passed away peacefully on a clear, starlit night and continues to be our guardian angel with Tucker. Thank you for showing us what unconditional love is, our sweet golden angels! All our love, Jack, Leigh, Kyle, Matt and Sage (and your great grand nephews, Augie and Echo)




Charlie started his career as VIP senior Hightailer on our very first day, May 29, 2010! He was the son of our colleagues and dear friends, Dennis and Mary, and made our open house a joyous event for every human and dog! You can view his video at the tab “About the Hideaway, Our Story”

Charlie had many fun sleep overs with us through our first two years, even as the cancer he was battling slowly progressed. He never passed up an opportunity to meet a new friend, cuddle with an old friend, and munch on a treat. Charlie was dearly loved by his parents and all of us at Hightails and we are truly blessed to have had him in our lives. His legacy lives on in every loving heart! We love you, Charlie Boy!