I am writing a quick note since I have yet to meet you.  As owner of the HH I just want you to know that as a fairly recent member – or Rather Abby ( Abbagayle Harper H) We are Over the Moon having such a warm, welcoming and wonderful place for Abby to go and get love, socialization, and exercise that I cannot provide.  I live in *** and thus have no real yard for her.  She has adapted so well and cannot wait to go to “puppy school”.  She is only seven months – a mini golden doodle- smarter than ever and a Lover of People.  She is so happy when I tell her we are going – she even finds her leash to get ready!
I adore the girls, Penny, Krissy, and Heidi and I think they love her too.
So just sending a Big Big thank you for providing such a clean, safe and Happy Place for my fur baby. I have sent pictures, have referred several people and hope to continue a long and happy continuation of day care for Abby.

– Marcy H



I want to thank you guys, from the bottom of my heart, for how much & how genuinely you love and care for George. It’s one thing for a pet’s owner to say they’d do anything for their dog, but what a huge blessing to have you, who treat George the same way and stop at nothing to keep him happy & safe. This year (2020) it’s been a chore to find anything good that has happened. Then I remind myself of wonderful people and places that remained a constant through all of the year’s trials. I love you, thank you for everything!

– Xoxo, Maria & George


This is why I have no hesitation bringing her to daycare – She only smiles when she’s happy and she always has a smile with you guys ❤️

– Jackie E.
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Layla has so much energy that she needed to work off. Hightails is the perfect combination of socialization, play, and care that we cannot recommend them enough. Krissy, Leigh, and the rest of the staff know dogs and how to give them love, care, and a great dog daycare experience.

– Brian B
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I wanted to let you know that it seems like Razzy had a great time with you. We rarely go away for that long and I was worried about her. She has been tired and calm since she has come home and has not shown much anxiety/stress upon her return. I am hoping that she enjoyed playing with all the other dogs as she loves other dogs but rarely gets a chance to play. I love how Hightails is set up with its outdoor and indoor play area, in addition, to the private kennel areas.

– Chris K.
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